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"Learn Hebrew Faster with the Dream Team:

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Revolutionary Teaching Methods...
1/5 the Price of Competing Courses!"

From the Desk of: Seth Young
RE: How YOU Can Learn Hebrew (Much!) Faster.

Seth Young Shalom.

My name is Seth Young. You may know me as I am one of the world's most prolific Hebrew teachers. Tens of thousands of students currently learn Hebrew via my courses, webinars, CDs, web sites, email lists, and Facebook groups.

But I have a little "secret" to share with you.

I did NOT learn Hebrew as a child, except for a few years at one of those "Hebrew schools" where you don't learn much and you forget most of what you do learn.

As a young adult I decided to become an observant Jew and move to Israel. But by then I didn't even know all of the Hebrew alphabet any more.

But I desperately wanted to survive in Israel and to be able to read the Jewish sources, such as the Bible, in the original Hebrew.

Does that sound familiar?

I spent many years learning Hebrew to make up for what I had missed as a child. I was a very dedicated student but learning Hebrew did NOT come easily to me.

For you, that's the good news!


Abigail Wolfer I really appreciate Seth as a Hebrew teacher. He is patient, understanding and willing to answer any questions I have.

Abigail Wolfer
Cincinnati, Ohio

From my own experience learning Hebrew I have cracked the code on how to teach Hebrew PROPERLY, and I can teach YOU Hebrew faster, better and for less money than just about anyone else!

The proof is in the pudding: I have built a huge, multi-level Hebrew learning operation. Again, with tens of thousands of students. How was I able to do it? Becuase I have created a number of highly-effective tools and courses for different levels of Hebrew learning. My programs WORK BETTER than the others. People join, see that they work and stay for the long-term.

Not Progressing Fast Enough? It's Not Your Fault...

I know how you feel because it took me much longer to learn Hebrew than I expected. But it wasn't my fault, and it's probably not your fault either.

You see, most serious Hebrew teachers learned the language as a child. These are wonderful people with excellent Hebrew. But guess what? They have no idea how to teach the language to busy adults like you!

How could they? Their experience was completely different than yours.

But I know what will work for you because I know what worked (and didn't work) for me when I learned Hebrew as an adult.

That's why I created the Dream Team.

Meet the Dream Team...

Gidon Ariel I have teamed up with Gidon Ariel (pictured at right) to create a revolutionary new Hebrew course. Gidon is a bilingual, bicultural American-Israeli who grew up in both the US and Israel. His Hebrew and English are both at the mother-tongue level.

Gidon is a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who served as a tankist and later as a captain in the IDF Spokesman's Office; he is a Torah scholar who attended Yeshivat Birkat Moshe, one of Israel's most elite Hesder yeshivas; he is an activist, a politician, a professional Hebrew-English translator and a great teacher.

Gidon is the 100% Israeli Hebrew teacher that speaks YOUR language too, fluently and without an accent.

Of all the bilingual people I know here in Israel, when I thought about who I wanted to teach with me, Gidon was the obvious choice.

"We've recommended the Dream Team Hebrew course for years now, and have literally 100% positive feedback. We have yet to hear from even one dissatisfied student, which speaks volumes about the course and teachers."

Rabbi Yaakov Menken

Gidon and I have developed a teaching method that makes learning Hebrew so much easier, with an approach that is almost the complete opposite of what many others do.

In short, together we have the best of both worlds: Perfect Hebrew (and English) and a rare understanding of what YOU need to learn Hebrew.

Together, we are the Dream Team -- YOUR dream come true for learning Hebrew faster.

Learn Hebrew (Much) Faster with the Dream Team

Star Stuhr

I have learned so very much from the classes. You're super instructors!

Gidon and I have tested our teaching methods with over 2000 paying students. We have received great feedback on the course.

If you are like our other students, when you join our course you will:
  • Progress (much) faster in both Biblical and Modern Hebrew.

  • Learn how to translate hundreds of Hebrew words you have never even seen before! (Yes, it is possible. Even easy! We will show you how.)

  • Learn via simple tricks that really work, not boring memorization.

  • Impress your family, study partners and Israeli friends with your progress!

  • Immediately improve your understanding of Hebrew texts, including the Hebrew Bible, Jewish prayers, and Hebrew newspapers.

Here's What You Get:

"You are the first teachers to help
me see the forest and not just the trees..."

(Turn your volume up if necessary:)

  • A unique class with new material every week.

  • Our own special teaching methods including:

    • The big picture on HOW Hebrew works.

    • Powerful grammar rules that turn one Hebrew word into dozens of others.

    • Simple tricks (explained in English) instead of lots of rote minutia.

    • A focus on the important concepts that matter.

    • What NOT to waste your time on!

    You will wonder why everyone doesn't teach this way. (I wonder myself...)

Shalom Seth and Gidon,

Keep up the awesome work...

Todah rabah for all you are doing.

  • Pick your own level.  If you are not a beginner we can easily move you forward to more advanced classes.

  • Guidance from expert Hebrew teachers.  We can help you get where you want to go.

  • 24/7 access.  All classes are available in recorded form on our site so you can watch them whenever YOU want, as often as you like. Never miss a class again! And you can rewind and fast-forward too.

  • FREE access to our custom teaching materials.  People love the special materials which we create for the course. We put them online in printable format so you can print and review them whenever you like, online or off.

  • No huge up-front charges!  Pay just one month at a time, not many months in advance.

  • You are *never* locked in -- cancel at *any* time!  YOU decide how long you will be in the course; you can cancel your own membership at any time. Or ask us to cancel it and we will do so promptly, no questions asked.

  • Plus Free Bonuses!

    Wait, I am not done. I am also throwing in these free bonuses:

    • Free: You get 3 weeks' lessons when you join, not just one: A $12 bonus.
      Jump-start your Hebrew on Day 1 of your membership!

    • Free: Our Hebrew Handwriting (script) mini-course. A $27 value.
      Learn to read and write Modern Hebrew script like Israelis do.

    Total value of FREE bonuses: $39

    The Price

    Let me tell you how impressed I am with this class and your method.

    Thank you for making this learning possible at a cost I can manage.

    Ruchama Burrell (age 69)
    Berkeley, CA
    I know that you are wondering if this course is affordable.

    Competing courses can cost $100/month or more for their weekly classes. Some of them charge for an initial trial. Some charge 3 or 6 months in advance! Most people are not willing or able to pay hundreds of dollars to learn Hebrew, no matter how good their intentions.

    Our course is worth as much as theirs are, maybe more. We could charge $100/month or more just like they do.

    But we want to reach as many people as possible and not just to teach Hebrew to a select few.

    That is why our course does NOT cost over $100/month.

    Not even $77/month.

    Not even $57/month.

    As part of this introductory offer, when you will sign up today you will get the free bonuses above worth $39 and get access to our course for just...

    $0 for 7 days and then $37 $27 $19/month.

    That's right, there is a FREE Trial for 7 days and then it will cost just $27/month $19/month should you continue.

    Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee!

    Our Weekly Hebrew Classes come with a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee, as is our policy for all our courses.

    If you change your mind for any reason (or no reason) in the first 30 days, just tell us and you will get every cent of your money back.

    So you can test-drive the course with no risk. And you can cancel at any time, too.

    Your Payment is Safe and Secure

    We use PayPal for processing membership payments. PayPal is one of the most well-known, trusted, and safe ways to buy online. Your payment information is never revealed to us or to anyone else. And PayPal lets you cancel your own subscription with or without our help or consent.

    You can feel safe knowing that your payment is being processed by world-class experts in security. And that you will never have to beg someone to cancel your subscription should you like to stop.

    Don't Miss Out!

    The price goes back up to $27/month at
    midnight, Wednesday night / Thursday morning.

    Lock in the $19/month price while you still can.

    Try it now! In just a few minutes you could be
    learning Hebrew during our one-week FREE trial.

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